A father, together with his two daughters, travels to his hometown. Night’s rest is over yet it feels as if the day hasn’t begun; the sun rises, but this family never leaves the highway.


The father doesn’t drive anymore, his perception is altered and the time is still. In an immobile car in the middle of the road, this family stops the future to remember the past and revive it tirelessly.


The father remembers his mother teaching him how to swim, the daughters remember the music band they used to have with his father as little girls. Everything is rememberance. They are melancholic characters who are incapable of any movement towards the future. They choose to use the music as a shelter to mount a resistance against the passing of time.



Stagecraft Cast of Actors: Martina Juncadella, Denise Groesman y Germán De Silva
Stage Costume Design: Mariana Tirantte
Lighting: Alejandro Leroux
Motion: Florencia Vecino
Assistant Director: Matías Garber
Producer: Matías Mendelevich
Playwright and Director: Agostina Luz López


The premiere of La laguna was in 2012 in “El camarín de las musas”, and then has done a tour in  Noorderzon performing Festival en Groningen, Holland, Theater Spektakel  festival in Zurich, Switzerland and in festival Dois Pointos in Río de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2013 was part of La bienal de Arte joven.