Readings in the Garden

In Zelaya


Different writers (poets, narrators, playwrights) come together in one garden to recite texts. The poetic atmosphere that characterizes the garden allows a different kind of interaction between readers and audience, as if nature interfered with and modified everyone present in the gathering. Readings intervene on the garden’s nature and vice versa. There are special editions of readings in the garden where writers are paired with artists from different disciplines to search for new ways of reading texts.



Romina Paula, Leticia Frenkel, Tamara Tenembaum, Cecilia Szperling, Virginia Cosin, Clara Muschetti, María Guerrieri, Mariana López, Inés Acevedo, Magalí Etchebarne, Iosi Havilio, Martina Juncadella, María Lucesole, Natalia Rozenblum, Adriana Kogan, Pablo Katchadjian, Cecilia Fanti, Federico Falco, Denis Fernandéz, Vladimir Duran, Mariana Komiseroff, Natali Aboud, Pablo Petkovsek, Candela Benetti, Daniel Alva, Gabriela Bejerman, Félix Bruzzone, Piro Jaramillo, Corina Bistrisky, Mercedés Halfon, Lucas Olarte, Mariano López, Renzo Cozza, Luciano Lamberti, Marie Gouiric, Hernán Lucas, Flor Braier, Tani covezzi, Yamila Begne, etc.