Residencia Sur. Work project, by Agostina Luz López and Iosi Havilio


The goal of the residency is to think and generate a project under different landscapes and times.


For a whole week, we will put our ideas into play so that the group can bring new resonances and outlooks on their own material.


Apart from the desk work, the context offers various activities to reflect upon their own work under a new perspective.


What is the relationship between writing and being surrounded by nature? How do I unlock an idea? What new thoughts arise when our context or our environment changes? What does the group contribute with?


In a mountain hotel, in the middle of the snow, we will think together, and collectively, about ways of approaching the ideas that come from the city. Thinking will entail writing, walking, dreaming, gazing, cooking, chatting. A project that undergoes several shapes and outlooks to find what is singular and particular in each material.