La vez que estuve muerto


Dave Gahan, the Depeche Mode frontman, has an image problem. How do you live in the 90’s being a rocker? Tattoos, heroine and, yes, death. He likes to tell different versions of the two minutes he was dead. Daniel Mezger allows the Dave Gahan’s monologue to talk and develop, managing to dissect the narcissism of pop and the very human attempt of making up a story out of our own biography.



Text: Daniel Mezger
Translation: Carla Imbrogno
Cast: Laura López Moyano, Laila Maltz
Stage design: Mariu Fermani

Lightning: Matías Sendón
Costume: Lucía Gasconi
Assistant director: Natali Aboud
Direction: Agostina Luz López


Produced  by EUNIC, Embajada de Suiza in Argentina, ProHelvetia, Elefante.Club de Teatro y Festival Internacional de Dramaturgia in 2016.