Las noches vencidas


A little girl plays on the edge of a pool. The water is still. She walks up to the trampoline and watches. Then she jumps. And that leap is a leap into fiction. She starts to move around the space, and the space is a container of fictions from which she will retrieve tales, situations, images, stories she will relate. And like all kids do, this girl will take part in the game and will break the stories, change them, assert them, or blow them into pieces.



In its sixth consecutive edition, Panorama Sur manages to bring to fruition a long-desired project: to produce a work that is able to convey the collaboration net we have been building, allowing exchange among artists from the region and showing that cultural management goes, definitely, hand in hand with creation.





Text: Catalina Landívar, Erik Leyton, Martín López Brie, Julian Mesri, José Manuel Mora, Gerardo Oettinger, José Pagano, Fabián Suárez Ávila, Paloma Vidal
Cast: Maria Alché, Patricio Aramburu, Esteban Bigliardi, Malena Moirón, Susana Pampín
Costume: Paola Delgado
Stage design: Fernando Ocampo
Light: David Seldes

Light Assistant: Facundo David
Music: Valentín Pelisch
Casting: Maria Laura Berch
Production: Panorama Sur, Maximiliano Gallo, Mónica Paixao
Direction: Eduardo Calla, Agostina Luz López, Fernando Ocampo


This play was part of 10 FIBA and the premiere was in la Sala Cunnil Cabanellas of Teatro San Martín in 2015.