Posing for her own camera, insecure end lonely. In each picture, her body is transformed by the wind, by the beach, by a little boy, by a sand castle, by a feeling. In her pictures, she does not avoid showing herself as she really is; she tries to capture her own movement. In her fragile body, her thoughts travel like bridges that link her to the world.


She is not on the beach but relives her holidays through the pictures of her first trip with her boyfriend. The story, punctuated by these photos, tells from beginning to end how she transforms during that trip. In the end, she is not the same, the text goes through that vulnerable state a transformation is. Who are we when we are in a transition mode?



Actriz Denise Groesman
Vestuario Sofia Berakha
Escenografía Mariana Tirantte
Fotos Katia Szechtman
Colaboración artística Iair Said y Paula Grinzpan
Texto y Dirección Agostina Luz López


Mi propia playa se estrenó en junio del 2009 en Elefante Club de Teatro y realizó una segunda temporada en el 2010 en el mismo teatro.